Safety Tips for Driving

Excessive speed is the main cause of accidents on gravel roads. It is highly advisable to keep to a speed limit of 60 – 80 km/h. Lack of concentration is the second cause, due to long driving distances and very little traffic.

2. Pay attention to road traffic signs. Particularly those that indicate a gentle or sharp turn ahead. You should reduce your speed accordingly.

3. Switch on your headlights in dusty conditions so that other road-users can see you.

4. Reduce speed when passing oncoming traffic and keep to the left side of the road as far as safely possible.

5. Tyre pressure plays an important role in the road-holding ability of your vehicle. Stick to the recommended pressures at all times. Check your tyres and tyre pressure every day.

6. Avoid driving at night. It is dangerous due to poor visibility and increasing game movement.

7. In rainy or wet conditions beware of slippery roads, wash-aways, and running or stagnant water.

8. Always be on the lookout for wild animals and slow down immediately when you see them.

9. Keep both hands on the steering wheel at all times.

10. Always sit in the driver’s seat when driving. It is not a good idea to try to do it from the hood.

Not all gravel roads are the same. Please be aware of the road conditions and adjust your driving style accordingly. Elephants: Adjust your running speed accordingly!

 Please DO NOT drive with your left foot on the clutch! DO NOT ride your clutch when driving off-road and especially NOT when you are stuck. If you do, YOU WILL INEVITABLY BURN OUT THE CLUTCH!!!