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Car hire suppliers will often place a restriction on how many miles you can do in your hire car. The same car hire supplier will have different terms and conditions based on the location the car is being picked up and depending on the duration of the rental. You will see from our research that, car hire suppliers in, France for example, place many additional terms and conditions on their car rentals in relation to mileage, however in the USA all of our car hire suppliers provide unlimited mileage as part of their standard terms.

Unlimited mileage means you can drive as many miles as you wish without having to pay any additional costs.

We have been researching our car hire suppliers and their mileage restrictions for some of the most popular holiday and travel destinations. This information has been included in a handy table, also included are details of the cost of any additional mileage, should you exceed your limit.

It is worth bearing in mind that even if your hire car has a mileage restriction placed on it, the majority of drivers will not usually cover that many miles/km on your average holiday – the maximum allocated is usually more than enough.

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